Man is not a master of life but one of the millions of shapes in which life expresses itself. What distinguishes us fundamentally from other forms of life is our consciousness.

We understand consciousness as how we observe and perceive the world and ourselves. In our understanding, psychology is the theory of consciousness. As phenomenological psychology, it serves both self-awareness and individual consciousness and the study of consciousness in general, in society and in the cultures in which we live.

Regarding this viewpoint, several new perspectives and approaches were developed at the Nelles Institute:

  • The evolutionary model of the 7 levels of consciousness
  • The constellation methods of the Life Integration Process (LIP)
  • The Couple Life Integration Process (CLIP)
  • Connections between our modern “zeitgeist” and psychological suffering
  • An Approach of LIP for Organisations
  • A phenomenological attitude in therapy and constellation work
  • A realistic and life-affirming spirituality

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